Plant Microbiome Engineering


The plant microbiome can be reengineered to promote plant health and productivity. As such, plant microbiome engineering is likely to generate solutions to many real-life problems like climate change, contaminated soils and declining food production. In the mid-term, our research program aim at finding new approaches to purposefully, reliably, and sustainably enhance the beneficial rhizosphere microbiome of important crops


We will attain our objectives by designing innovative hypothesis-driven experiments. Our laboratory will be recognized for its creativity and productivity, and its collaborative and fun, but rigorous approach. 

Current projects 

See the people page for examples of currently ongoing projects.

Current funding 

NSERC Discovery Grant: "Plant Microbiome Engineering"

FQRNT Établissement de nouveaux chercheurs universitaires: "Nouvelles approches de manipulation du microbiome"

Institut Armand-Frappier: "Start-up funds"

Compute Canada 2016 RAC: "Manipulating the microbiome of crops for increased productivity"